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Tackle the Real Pandemic for 2022

The real pandemic of these modern times is not SARS Co-V2, aka  COVID-19. The real pandemic is the reason for this superficial pandemic which is riding high because of the real pandemic. The real pandemic is poor health of the human society in general, which then has affected the health of the other creatures on this earth. Look around you, or you may even be one of them……so many people struggling with their life due to diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, cancer, neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and dementia, mental diseases and generalized states of physical and mental fatigue, anger, fear, and so on; the imbalances are numerous.

The root of the real pandemic, poor health, has two outstanding major components combined with other factors which are mostly due to these two major ones. The first cause of people’s poor health is their daily food intake. The second major factor, which results from the first one not being proper, is the consumption of modern medications. When will this really be realized and internalized by people? Why isn’t this taken seriously? When will there be a mass awakening to this dilemma? People will say they know this, but do nothing about it. Not doing anything about it is the same as not knowing, it is ignorance. Ignorance, in the long run, is not bliss. It leads people to multiple mistakes and misfortunes. Ignorance can be temporary bliss, but it results in being taken advantage of and in being controlled by others who do not care about your or anyone else’s welfare and will result in misery for the person who stays unaware.

This original cause of the intake of poor substances, which many times can hardly be called food, is not because the person is poor, not because real food is not available, not because it doesn’t taste good. The real cause is because people either do not believe what they are eating is so bad or because they do not make the effort to change their ways and they fall prey to their addictions which were obtained because they were chasing an illusion that this substance would make them happy. This illusion is often encouraged by modern advertising, which amounts to brain-washing for the monetary benefit of the agent generating the belief.  Ah, effort. Too busy making money, too busy raising kids, too busy for this, too busy for that. All excuses. If a person does not have their health, they can forget everything else. Cook your own real food.

As for availability, look at the large, organic produce section of many supermarkets and grocery stores. Produce abounds in America. Farmers markets, co-ops, direct regenerative farmers, health food stores, YOUR OWN BACK YARD, patio or balcony or house or apartment! Raise it. By all means, get rid of packaged substances, get real!

As for being too poor—- whole produce is very affordable. Don’t buy all the packaged junk and one can afford many whole vegetables!

The second component of the real pandemic is the over consumption of medications. This society probably really needs, at the most, 10% of the available medications being produced by pharmaceutical companies, 5% is probably more like it. When illness arises, seek a natural cure. But before illness arises is when it must be treated. That treatment is the person’s daily food intake. Minimize medications. The best is none. Being able to die without taking prescription drugs during ones lifetime is the way it should be. It shouldn’t be the exception. Yet, when people over 65 are not taking any medications, most medical doctors and even colleagues are surprised. It is the acceptable norm in this country that people are on medications, especially over the age of 65. How ridiculous. Find the truly healthy people. They take no pharmaceuticals.

Now let’s discuss this superficial popular current pandemic of COVID-19. Not a problem if one addresses the real pandemic first. Prevention is the best medicine. However, there are natural ways to treat the early stage of this infectious disease should one catch it, as well as other similar infectious diseases. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been treating infectious diseases for centuries, not just decades.

The venerated “Chinese God of Husbandry,” Sheng Nong, studied and experimented on himself the effects of many plant, mineral and animal substances around c. 3494 B.C, which is about 5,515 years ago, and recorded many of his findings. He is credited with identifying hundreds of medical (and poisonous) herbs by personally testing their properties, which was crucial to the development of traditional Chinese medicine.
The dynasty system and meticulous recording have helped to preserve the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), scripts of old China. Some important medical writings are Shang Han Lun (Discussion of Fevers), Huang Di Nei Jing (The Internal Book of Emperor Huang), and Sheng Nong Ben Cao Jing (The Pharmacopoeia of Sheng Nong—a legendary emperor). The Chinese pharmacopoeia is extensive. Some of the active ingredients from Chinese herbs have been used in Western drugs; for example, reserpine.

Fast forward a number of centuries, Tao Hung-Ching (A.D. 452-536), collected ancient records for “The Book on Herbs by Sheng Nong.” His greatest contribution was his own study of herbs. This book includes a discussion of 365 different herbs originally attributed to Sheng Nong. Tao Hung-ching later added a supplement to this work entitled “Ming I Pieh Lu” which covered 365 more herbs used by well-known physicians in the Han and Wei dynasties. Both volumes were then combined with a commentary under the name of “Pen Tsao Ching Chi Chu”. This study could rightly be termed the first commentary on Chinese materia medica.

The Huang Di Nei Ching, the oldest and one of the most important Chinese medical texts, is an anthology of material compiled by unknown authors in the early Han dynasty. It is based on contemporary philosophical concepts interwoven into a system of internal medicine. The book describes the energy, or Qi, quality of internal organs; reviews anatomy, physiology and hygiene; classifies symptoms and signs of disease; and delineates the proper administration of therapy, either acupuncture, moxibustion or massage. The theory of the five elements with their geographical correlations, the methods of diagnosis and the eight rubrics were integral parts of this medical system. I

It is interesting to note that these classical medical theories appeared in written form about the same time that Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, wrote his 87 essays on medicine.

During the ninth to fifth centuries B.C., the “Shu Ching” (Book of Odes) compiled by unknown authors during the Chou period first discussed natural medicines.  Then came many, many more along the centuries. But another great physician and herbalist cannot be overlooked. That is Zhang Zhong Jing and his famous work the “Shan Han Lun” on the signs and symptoms and treatment of febrile diseases. The importance of his contribution to medical science and thought cannot be overemphasized. This is still one of the works the Oriental Medicine doctor and herbalist studies and uses extensively today.

Now, in the current times, there are over 20,000 known substances, mostly plant, some mineral and a few animal, that are discussed in the  Chinese Materia Medica. The average acupuncturist may study over 1000 of these in the U.S. and in China the average herbalist will study around 2000. The average number of herbs in an Oriental Medicine school in the U.S. will have 500 different herbs. Acupuncture Plus Works, Inc., in Vacaville, California has over 800 different individual herbs in its pharmacy.Traditional Chinese herbal medicine is very powerful when prescribed correctly by a well-studied herbalist of Chinese medicine and it is successful at treating many colds, flus, viral infections and other pathogenic contagious diseases. The medicine has centuries of experience with it.

Some of the problems that exist for the Western scholar in identifying with Chinese medicine have been discussed by Porkert in his book “Medicine in Chinese Culture” published in 1975. He emphasized that in order for the Western investigator to completely understand traditional Chinese and modern medicine he/she must have knowledge of four separate disciplines. He/she must

Be conversant with Chinese philology.
Be thoroughly familiar with the Chinese medical classics Nei Jing, ShanHan Lun and Ben Tsao.
Know the various scientific methods as defined in the West.
Be widely acquainted with various medical procedures and problems.
Be familiar with the Chinese culture and the classics: the “Four Books” and the “Five Jing.”
Be aware of the development of Chinese Traditional Medicine to modern times.

Fast forward to 2021 in the United States. Chinese herbal medicine works. It also works for infectious diseases such as viral and bacterial diseases. There are acupuncturists/TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbalists all over the United States prescribing Chinese herbal medicine every day.

Just this year, 2021, in the United States, there was an FDA-approved clinical study of an herbal formula called Modified Qing Fei Bai Du Tang (an ancient formula used for centuries for the treatment of certain types of infectious diseases in China and more recently in the West), for COVID-19: A multicenter controlled trial at UCLA and UCSD by Andrew Shubov, MD, Gordon Saxe, MD, PhD, MPH and Lan Kao, DACM, DiplOM, LAc. Dr. John K. Chen, Pharm D. and a Chinese medicine herbalist, was involved in designing this study. You didn’t see this in any social media or TV or newspapers, etc., but this has occurred. So our own FDA is taking a look at Traditional Chinese herbal medicine. The methodology, details, and results of this study were published at the nih (National Institute of Health)  You can also just go to the nih.govwebsite and search by the name of this clinical trial as mentioned here. You will find a lot comes up on it.

This trial was also published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA),  known as the MACH-19 clinical trial study. You can access this article online if you go to the JAMA website. It was published in JAMA November 23/30, 2021 Volume 326, Number 20.

We don’t really need any of these trials to prove the efficacy of or to use these formulas. But the modern society is seemingly hung up on the ways of only the current viewpoint of conventional Western Medicine. We are always up against the large corporations and the folks holding the monetary power and thus controlling what the majority of people see. You must take it upon yourself to do extensive research of ALL kinds. I’m not intimating in any way that all of allopathic medicine and the pharmaceutical sector is evil. They are doing some good things too. We must be wise, see the situation in battle, know who the true enemy is and then set up self defense and attack strategy as a very wise general would do.  Don’t forget that the enemy could be you. Self reflection is a part of all understanding.

Let’s start the coming year with self reflection. Happy Journey for the New Year!

Yours in health and budou,

Dr. (Shihan) Mary Bolz
Licensed Acupuncturist
Master of Science Oriental Medicine
Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
6th Degree Black Belt Okinawan Karate & Kobudou
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