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Positive Force Movement DVD

Positive-Force--Movement-DVD-face-proofDr. Bolz’s Positive Force Movement DVD will guide you step by step in movements that can help you get out of pain and then stay out of pain. If you have no pain at all, then now is the time to start these exercises.

Most people need to include more rotation movement in their exercise program, even if they are exercising currently. Many workout programs do not include this. Another important movement essential to maintaining flexibility and agility to prevent aging pains and injury are joint exercises which you rarely see in other therapeutic or common exercise programs.

Dr. Bolz has taken the warm-ups from the traditional martial arts which she learned in Japan and Okinawa and has scaled them down and taken out the very difficult or heavy exercise and has turned them into a therapy program for her patients and people that are in pain or having difficulty moving. These are also excellent for preventing knee and other joint problems in the future and in the aging process. These exercises are also very good to help you improve your balance and to help prevent falls as we age.

Movements are from head to toe, literally. You will likely find these movements refreshing yet challenging and if performed on a regular basis, your life quality will be greatly enhanced.

There is no greater gift to yourself than health. There is no commodity more precious than your health.

In this DVD, the exercises are done slowly and deliberately with an explanation of proper form.

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