The form of karate (empty hand) taught at this school is Pwang Gai Noon Ryu. It is one of the three largest styles in Okinawa. It is from the same system as Uechi Ryu. Our karate is an older style which is very exceptional in this day and age.

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The Okinawan weaponry (kobudo, which means “ancient way of stop fighting,” literally) is from the lineage of Matayoshi Shinpo Sensei of Naha, Okinawa. His organization is called Zen Okinawa Kobudo Renmei.

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Iaido is “the way of drawing the sword.” The live, unsharpened and sharpened blades are used with very practical sword fighting techniques. Because this is the “budo,” the “way of the samurai,” manners and philosophy are very much incorporated in this training.

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Boost It With Ginseng

Ginseng is said to resemble a human body in shape, and it has been used for years in Asia.  Recently, it has become a popular item in Western culture. Many claims about this root have been advertised, such as its reputation for extending longevity and its use for stamina and endurance. Let’s look at the types of ginseng

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Dandelion: Detox With This Yellow Charmer

Next time you’re in a wide open field, pasture or meadow dotted with beautiful yellow dandelions, know that these prolific little delights are not only beautiful, but packed with nutrition and offer a host of healthy benefits. Let’s explore this amazing flower.

Five Reasons Acupuncture Helps Digestive Function

Digestion is a complex task performed by the body. It begins in the mouth and finishes when the ingested food leaves the body through the rectum. For all we have learned over the years regarding digestion, there is still so much more we don’t know or are still learning. For example, it wasn’t until recently, the last 10 years

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