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Acupuncture for Inflammation

Acupuncture for Inflammation

For many of the afflictions acupuncture can treat – allergies, back pain, headaches, the list goes on – reducing inflammation in the body is a primary reason acupuncture is successful. For decades now, doctors and medical researchers have been trying to learn what the biological mechanism is that allows acupuncture to reduce inflammation in the body.  continue reading »

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Acupuncture is Preventive Medicine

Acupuncture is preventative medicine

I think we all know someone, or maybe it’s even ourselves, who lives by the refrain, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

Often used to put off replacing outdated tools or technology, the phase can be connected to how we view healthcare as well. It can be hard to think about our physical health until it is a problem. Something we take for granted, until, as it were, it’s broken. Why would we spend time and money on something before it’s necessary? continue reading »

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Acupuncture for Anger Management

Anger is the emotion associated with springtime in Traditional Chinese Medicine. For most of us, we consider anger a bad emotion, something to avoid or get rid of, so why would it be one that TCM would shine a light on?

Well, no emotion is inherently good or bad, it’s how we deal with challenging emotions that can end up hurting ourselves or those we love.  continue reading »

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Regrowth: Spring and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Three thousand years ago, when Chinese medicine was first being practiced, there was no light or electricity. No way to mask the darkness of winter. No way, either, to ignore the longer, warmer days of springtime. Because it is such an ancient practice, a lot of the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine comes from a time when people spent much more time outside, paying attention to the natural world around them.  continue reading »

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All is a gift

Our lives are a gift, a gift from the heavens, a gift from the earth, a gift from the universe. Do not expect, demand or think that you are owed a life or anything in it. We have done nothing to cause life to happen. It is a gift from the universe, we did not create life, we did not create earth and we did not create the heavens. So we must regard life as precious and most of all, treat it as a gift. When we treat life as a gift,we know our place in the universe. Then we will appreciate and we will take care of our life, the life of other humans, animals, plants and the earth and sky of which we are subject to and reliant on. Knowing our place, we can then do what we need to do and we will be in harmony within ourselves and with our surroundings. continue reading »

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